About Ace Micro

Thomas Favory

Practice makes perfect.

Microeconomics takes students by surprise. Did you expect to learn calculus and algebra when starting an econ degree? Most people don't. Yet, mathematical modeling is essential in Economics.

From experience, most students accept the challenge. They just need practice! That is why I have created automatically-generated questions and answers, something I wish I had when I was in your shoes.

Now it is time to share my craft with the world. I hope Ace Micro will help you ace your exam. But more importantly, I hope you will get to love the Microeconomics as much as I do.


The story so far

2017: Teaching vocation

In 2017, I started a PhD in Microeconomics. In simple terms, my research explained how to price a scoop of ice cream. It sounds trivial, but an ice cream seller provides many different ice-cream flavors. And it turns out to be quite a difficult problem to solve!

Anyway, I found myself being more involved in teaching activities. Contact with students and their feedback gave a great sense of satisfaction.

2020: Pandemic

During the pandemic, I started creating extra content for weekly workshops I was running online. Students started to ask for more questions and answers. That's when I have started to automatize the generation of questions and answers. You will find an ancestor of Ace Micro here and the code here.

2022: Ace Micro is born

What to do after writing a thesis? I love research, but I love creating teaching content even more. So it was the perfect time for a leap of faith: quit academia, and do what I love the most: programming, creating content, and teaching.

Near Future

Gamification is the next big step for Ace Micro. Microeconomics is, by nature, a discipline that can be a bit dull. But I believe we can make it personalized and fun.

Part of the fun is to do things together. It will take time to build a community of learners with students at different stages of their journey in Economics.

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